Unios collection.


Unios necklace.

Silver 0.925 and pearls.


Water mirrors

Ezequiel Tapia designer

Each piece of the artist Ezequiel Tapia has a unique personality. The different pieces presented, provide a feeling of sentiments unique from those losses. Every small detail turns your work into sophisticated works of art with soul. The various elements which returns become glamorous designer jewelry and also to beautify the human body convey different emotions

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Plaza Borda No 7 Zócalo, Centro

Taxco, Gro. México. C.P. 40200

Tel: (762) 622.1187

Fax: (762) 627.4257


Eucaliptos No 2, Pedro Martin,

Taxco, Gro. México. C.P. 40290

Tel/fax: (762) 627.4257




The Bussines that participate in the IBERJOYA event are of strong presence in the market, they present in each edition a highly competitive offer basically centered on the fashion collections of hihg quality jewerly. This bussines form a setting of innovated tendencies that allow the professional afront the reality of a market that demands being permantly on the vanguard.

In this event of IBERJOYA you find the pavilion of México in which designers display high quality jewelry looking to satisfy the new tendencies that are use to face.            

          In the pavilion of México you can find the designer Ezequiel Tapia whom has won several awards in his trajectory.

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The firm Ezequiel Tapia it’s a business that looks to developed new tecnics that can work like tools to be always in the vanguard.

 Presenting in this event new designs in high quality Jewelry like an example of the Mexican work.